Blaze Defense Systems Seat Panel Shield Kit Gen 2 (Accepting Pre-Orders Now!)


BDS Seat Panel Shield Kit Gen 2 (Accepting Pre-Orders Now!)


The *Patent Pending* BDS Seat Panel Shield Kit incorporates the technology of a molle seat panel paired with the ability to incorporate the custom fit ballistic soft IIIA NIJ0101.06 rated insert and rifle rated armor.

This system has the ability to double not only as your carry all seat panel but also providing you the safety of quickly releasing the headrest tab and bottom seat tab to convert into the extra added ballistic protection one might need.

The panel has an ambidextrous arm securing strap that can be moved to the left or right side of the panel.

The front panel organizer easily rips away from the body of the kit.  (Pouches in image are not included)

Internally there is a securing strap that will store a larger thicker sized armor plate up to 11 x 14 in size.

The securing strap will allow a full cut “squared cut” ballistic plate to be held to the top of the panel for up to 14″ of vertical coverage and 11″ width coverage.


  • Dimensions 12″ Wide x 22″ Height
  • 8 horizontal runs and 9 vertical runs of molle attachment points for gear which is REMOVABLE via hook and loop velcro.
  • Large ID loop velcro panel on top
  • Ambidextrous arm slots for running arm through rear of panel to use in a shield like manner when IIIA ballistics or greater are being used
  • Bottom of rear panel has 8″ wide x 6.5″ high soft loop velcro panel to attach hook velcro pouches or gear to. (Danglers, Medical, etc.)
  • Dual headrest and dual bottom seat buckles for easy disconnect and cinch up easily.
  • Optional NIJ0101.06 IIIA Certified ballistic soft armor custom insert
  • Optional NIJ0101.06 Level III+ 11″ x 14″ rifle rated insert (does not cover entire length of seat panel, only 14″ in length)
  • Made in the USA!!!

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Photos by Blaze Defense Systems