The truth behind the name of 88 Tactical

88 Tactical: What does the name really mean? Where does it come from?

In this article you will find out the truth behind recent rumors!

Question: Where does the name 88 Tactical come from? Is 88 Tactical a nazi company, a racist organization, or a white supremacy hate group? 

Answer: No!

A clear no! No. No. No.

A smear campaign is currently attacking the good work of 88 Tactical with false claims, desperately trying to defame 88 Tactical and putting the company wrongly into the ideological corner of white supremacists, neo-nazis, and hate groups. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, and the claim contradicts the values, work ethics, and beliefs of the founder, the company’s instructors, and the members of 88 Tactical. 

The false claims about 88 Tactical’s company name

Many of these false claims try to make an incorrect link to the name 88 Tactical, which origins from the police code 88 – “All is Safe.”

Neither the name nor the company is related to the obscure symbolism of the number 8, sometimes used in neonazi jargon.

The letter H is the 8th letter in the alphabet, so a few nazi bullocks came up with the idea to identify 88 as “Heil Hitler” – yes, it is as stupid as it sounds.

But does that mean we can no longer use the number 8 in public? What comes next? Do we have to stop to sell 8-inch smartphones because it could somehow trigger the fear of nazi-symbolism? Come on…

The truth is that 88 Tactical are good people

I have worked for years with 88 Tactical.

It was one of the best experiences I have had in our industry: 88 Tactical are kind people, down to earth, representing and living the American values of respect, responsibility, and caring for the community.

88 Tactical also trains highly respected US law enforcement agencies. Do you think US police agencies would not do a background check and allow obscure nazi hate groups to train America’s elite SWAT teams? One must be a completely lost case of woke delusion to believe that.

The truth is: 88 Tactical are good people, a honest hard working and responsible American company how it should be – caring for others, caring for their community, just good people! No hate, no nazis, no right-wing conspiracy crap. 88 Tactical is diverse, inclusive, open-minded, honest, and their team is fun to be around.

If you want to look for obscure conspiracies, you should look elsewhere because you won’t find them in 88 Tactical.

Below you will find a statement from Shea Degan, founder, and CEO of 88 Tactical — read it or watch the video – make up your own mind.

Statement: Shea Degan, 88 Tactical Founder & CEO, August 15, 2022

Click to watch the video. Or read the transcript below.

Some of you might recall 3- 4 years ago, a group of individuals out of Lincoln attacked us – 88 Tactical – based on our name.

They said we were connected to a hate group, called me a white supremacist, and said we’re all neo-Nazis.

Obviously, that couldn’t be further from the truth, but now they’ve stirred up more stuff. Here recently, there’s more of their rhetoric, and I get it.

People who don’t know 88 Tactical are questioning who we are

You know they’re bullies – these individuals – they hate the First Amendment, they hate the Second Amendment, they hate cops, they hate this country, and these individuals just get a kick out of bullying individuals.

No matter what you say to them, they’re not going to listen, but they’re doing some damage.

They’re pointing things out, and people who don’t know are questioning who we are.

So, any support and assistance would be great.

88 Tactical: Where does the name come from?

Again I find it necessary to explain where the number 88 comes from, and hopefully, I don’t have to continue doing this.

Our company name comes from signal 88, the Nebraska police code that means All is safe and All is Secure.

A multitude of agencies in the state of Nebraska use signal 88 – NE State Patrol, Omaha police, Douglas County, and Sarpy County all use Signal 88 and have used it for decades.

In 2003 I started a company called Signal 88 security, and in 2008, I started a franchise organization to franchise that company out.

When I sold both companies in 2015, we had over 300 franchises in four countries.

So I carved out the training division from my local company and founded my new company, expanding to areas where Signal 88 was already known in hopes of franchising.

That’s it, and there’s no super secret underground, symbolism, or some creepy connection – that’s it – very simple.

88 Tactical is diverse and inclusive

You know another thing I mentioned a while ago- and people fail to realize this. I’ve got two partners – one that is a 45% partner – owns half of the company.

He’s Jewish, and his grandparents survived the Holocaust.

He owns half of this company and is called a Nazi.

Another partner’s wife is Jewish, and his son is Jewish. These people are going to call them Nazis!

I tell people all the time – do your due diligence, come in, and you’re going to see people from all walks of life.

Among the patrons and employees, there’s a multitude of ethnic backgrounds – many different sexual preferences and religious backgrounds.

No one cares!

We couldn’t care less what your skin color is.

We couldn’t care less what your religion is or sexual preference!

No one cares!

Here’s what we do care about – at least what I care about – that you love this country and are willing to help your neighbors.

Does your neighbor need a helping hand, are you a good human being?

As an employee, do you have a strong work ethic?

Do you work hard? Outside of that, we couldn’t care less.

I implore people to come in and check us out.

The 88 Tactical rappelling tower: put in place to intimidate?

There was an individual the other day that made a claim about our rappelling tower – said it was a watchtower, put in place to intimidate!

No, it was put there to rappel down.

It’s just insanity!

Another woman had said her car broke down near 88 Tactical, and she was in fear for her life!


The vast majority of us in that building have given large portions of our lives sacrificing for others, helping others.

We’d come out in a heartbeat and help you with your car; it doesn’t matter what your skin color is!

We’ll come out – we’re going to help because we’re good people.

Anyway, I just asked you set the record straight – tell people the truth!

We denounce hate, have always condemned hatred, and will continue to denounce it.

Come in and see us and see for yourself.

Thanks, guys – have a great rest of your week, and I appreciate you. God bless

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