Tracer Tactical SMS Kits and Rig Plate Bags

The Rig Plate Bags are a minimalistic way to add armor to your kit. An alternative to a full Plate Carrier, the RPBs are designed to work in conjunction with chest rigs. Will also accept most elastic/velcro style cummerbunds. Made in the USA.
In addition to the Rig Plate Bags, Tracer Tactical is also now offering Specific Mission Set Kits. Rifleman Kit, Team Leader Kit, Gunner Kit, Reconnaissance Kit, Operator Kit.
Specific Mission Set Kits for military specialties, roles and billets. If you’re not sure where to start, these kits will help guide you. Start with a base set up and add on accessories as needed. We’ve built in a discount when purchasing these kits. You can also use these as templates for customizing your own loadout to fit your needs. 

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Photos by Nightstick