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Editor in Chief: Thomas Lojek

The Operator is a free digital magazine about tactical training, special operations, law enforcement, military, and self-defense.

The magazine is free and available as free download on this website.

Our contributors are the worldwide leading expert in tactical training, special-operations, law enforcement, military, self-defense.

We do not publish TPP or detailed tactical information.

We are not interested in confidential information and we will never publish anything that we consider as sensitive or confidential information.

We protect the identity of operators and every single text and every single photo on this website and in our magazine is approved by the contributors.

This website and The Operator Magazine is an initiative to promote the positive impact and honorable work of law enforcement and military training.

Our team of contributors works worldwide and we bring you news and insights of the tactical training industry and special operations from all over the world.

We are pro military and pro law enforcement.

Also, we promote and support the responsibility and right of every citizen to be able to defend themselves and their family and we urge all citizens to maintain a healthy situational awareness.

This website and the magazine is for information purposes only.

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